Jacqueline Saito, MD, MSCI

Jacqueline Saito, MD, MSCI

Since early in her career, pediatric surgeon Jacqueline Saito, MD, MSCI, has been captivated by a central question: Is there a better way to deliver surgical care?

The factors she needed to pursue the answers came from several sources. In the university’s Postdoctoral Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation, she learned critical skills in conducting clinical investigations; Division Chief Brad Warner, MD, gave her independence, and the support of her fellow surgeons allowed her the time.

Today, she leads the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program® (ACS NSQIP®) Pediatric at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and plays important roles nationally. The program gathers national outcomes data and develops hospital quality-improvement programs. In the role, Saito gains insight from colleague and mentor Bruce Hall, MD, PhD, MBA, a national leader in the adult ACS NSQIP®.

“Improving outcomes is a priority for the department and incredibly important to me,” she says.