The Department of Surgery gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors.

American Association of Plastic Surgeons

American College of Surgeons

Dr. Gerald L. Andriole and Dr. Dorothy A. Andriole


Dr. Carlos Guerino Arcangeli

Barrett Brown Foundation

Dr. Jay S. Belani

Dr. Keith Eric Brandt and Mrs. Tina Brandt

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer Jr.

Dr. Ross C. Brownson

Dr. David A. Caplin

Mr. Lawrence J. Chase

Colon Cancer Alliance

Mrs. Heather D. Cooke

Mr. Patrick Delhougne

DeNardo Education and Research Foundation

Dr. John Stanley Dillon

Mr. John P. Dubinsky

Dr. Harry L. Ellis

Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Foundation for Surgical Fellowships

Mr. Irvin D. Fries

Dr. Henning A. Gaissert

Dr. Todd J. Garvin

Dr. Valerie J. Halpin

Dr. David A. Hardy

Mr. Jerald Hochsztein and Mrs. Shelley Hochsztein

Dr. Eugene Hsiao

Dr. Donald V. Huebener

Mr. Michael C. Johnson

Mrs. Raymond Keltner

Dr. Ira J. Kodner and Mrs. Barbara Kodner

Dr. Evan Raymond Kokoska and Dr. Mimi Gee Kokoska

Mr. Joseph Kyger and Ms. Joanna Kyger

Dr. Nam Hoai Le and Mrs. Cyndi Le

Dr. Gilbert Wesley Lee

Mr. J. David Levy

Mr. Mont S. Levy and Mrs. Karen Weinhaus Levy

Dr. Paul S. Mace

Mrs. Kathryn Manda

March of Dimes Foundation

Midwest Stone Institute

Dr. Leon Miller

Dr. Arthur Joseph Misischia

Dr. Seymour C. Nash

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Dr. George A. Oliver

Mrs. Patricia O’Rourke

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Dr. Harper D. Pearse

Ms. Janelle Phillips

Precision Medicine Research Associates

Dr. Richard A. Prinz

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Dr. Stephen H. Radinsky and Mrs. Myra Radinsky

Dr. George F. Reinhardt

Dr. Joseph Anthony Reinkemeyer and Mrs. Joseph Reinkemeyer

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research

Dr. Robert K. Royce

Marc & Helen Rubenstein Philanthropic Fund

Dr. Joseph G. Sandza Jr.

Dr. James E. Schiele

Dr. Kathleen B. Schwarz

Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research

Dr. Igal Silber and Dr. Diane Silber

St. Jude Medical

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation

Stephens & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Craig L. Stiegemeier and Ms. Barbara M. Stiegemeier

Dr. Paul T. Stockmann and Mrs. Suzanne Stockmann

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Dr. Jessie L. Ternberg*

The Gateway for Cancer Research

The Plastic Surgery Foundation

Dr. Matthew R. Thom

Dr. Lewis J. Thomas Jr.

Mrs. Laura E. Tourtellot

Mr. Mark B. Vittert and Ms. Carol Holt Vittert

Dr. Wayne De Vos

Dr. Mark Jay Watson

Dr. Renata V. Weber

Worldwide Cancer Research