Kamlesh Patel, MD

Kamlesh Patel, MD

Like a growing number of Department of Surgery faculty members, pediatric craniofacial surgeon Kamlesh Patel, MD, is strengthening his expertise through one of many post-doctoral training and career development programs offered at the School of Medicine.

A stellar student in the Postdoctoral Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation, Patel received the program’s Outstanding Citizenship Award in 2016. As a project, he studies the use of MRI to create 3D- reconstructed images of the cranium as an alternative to CT scanning, in order to reduce radiation exposure in children. He has also been active in developing 3D-printed models of skulls to plan cranial operations and avoid reoperation.

“This innovation impacts patient care right now,” he says.

Surgery Chair Timothy Eberlein, MD, is sponsoring a grant application to establish a 3D printing core facility at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.