Clinical Operations Profile in Leadership

Vicky Peck, RN, BSN, MHS, CURN


Vicky Peck, RN, BSN, MHS, CURN

Vicky Peck, RN, BSN, MHS, CURN, who began her career in the department as a urology research nurse in 1997, rose through the ranks to become the Division of Urology’s director of clinical operations and patient safety manager for the entire department.

Along the way, her experience handling patient safety events prepared her to be a patient safety resource for all divisions and sections, and urology Division Chief Gerald Andriole, MD, has been a constant source of encouragement. In addition to managing and mentoring nursing staff, Peck — with backing from Andriole — recently successfully applied for a grant to start a nurse practitioner fellowship, which she hopes can become self-sustaining.

“The department has allowed me opportunities throughout my career to identify and work on issues I think are important, which has been very gratifying,” says Peck.